Lemon Meringue and other new songs performance

I just finished three songs for a performance at a Boston Singers Resource concert 6pm Thursday, June 17.  

Professional baritone Nathan Halbur of Boston is now learning Stories in a Drawer, Split Ends (Like Good Friends) and Last Taste of Lemon Meringue.  

My commission was to compose classical-style "art" songs. The funding is through a grant from the Mass Cultural Council. BSR chose and paired five composers with five classically trained singers.   

Art songs trend more sophisticated than popular songs. They range from musical theater to experimental. BSR asked composers for 7 to 15 minutes of music.  

My three titles, with original lyrics, hover between jazz and Broadway for 10 minutes. In early meetings with Nathan, we discussed a fourth title, Another Turn Through Boston. I’m glad we stayed with three. The three are solid and well-suited to Nathan’s strengths (including a falsetto passage!). 

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